The Flash Harrys Live
Who the fuck are The Flash Harrys? The Flash Harrys are suprisingly energetic for a buch of sweaty fat-fucks from Wellington. The Flash Harrys play everything from Gutterpunk to Spunkrock. They have been compared to a 99LB bucket of curdled cream nestled in Mr Whippy's Triple -XL cumsock. They're heavy, they're x-rated.  They're the beef in your hankerchief. The Flash Harrys New Zealand play their classic hit, Back in Canada even though they are from NZ and have never been to Canada. The Flash Harrys melts some faces with their classic hit, She Said No! Add some Flash Harrys Cockrock to your Tshirt arsenal.  Like dicks, they cum in all shapes and sizes. Get yourself a slice of Flash Harrys Spunkrock today.  Get a Flash Harrys TShirt. The Flash Harrys supported The Sex Pistols Experiment at  San Fran Bar in Wellington The Flash Harrys supported The Exploited at the Whammy Bar in Auckland The Flash Harrys supported Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at The San Fran Bar in Wellington The Flash Harrys supported Cockney Rejects at Valhalla in Wellington